Once upon a time

Have a studio wish their design make people enjoy life...

They play with shape and texture
to make beautiful things

Logo n Branding identity

of your nice identity


your beauty storys


for your great business

Website n Landingpage

to connect you to the world

Handmade, Model n Mockup

somethings cool, cute and creative.

Do you want to see OMEO portfolio?

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Do you know our dreamers?

Nguyen Quang Khoi
Leader/ Art Director/ Designer
Branding identity
2D/3D Graphic design
UI/UX design
Nguyen Duy Hung
2D Graphic design
Ngo Thi Lan Phuong
Craft man/ Designer
2D/3D Graphic design

OMEO Creative Are

OMEO Creative is a studio specializing in design. It is a collection of young people who want to contribute to creating a more beautiful, consistent and sustainable world.

OMEO Creative Do

Thinking deeply about your value and positioning on the market, we provide neat, aesthetic designs, easy access to a new perspective and always looking for ways to innovate.

Contact with us?

2608 B - Xuan Mai Tower - st. To Hieu - dist. Ha Dong - Hanoi - Vietnam
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